We are the designers

We´re delighted to present to you this year´s lighting designers and we´re looking forward to see what they will create with their team in the end of September here in Alingsås. 

Dario Nunez Salazar

Born in Mexico but nowadays he works as a lighting designer at Verkis consulting Engineers on Iceland, where he also lives with his family. In 2017 Darío was awarded as one of the 40 under 40 top lighting designers by the Lighting Magazine in London.


Johan Röklander

The Swedish contrubition for the year. Has over 10 years working with light and lighting as well as in the planning stage in the development of plans and lighting consept.


Steven Rosen

President och creative director of Available Light, Steven is one of the most experienced of this year's workshop leader with experience of over three decades


Juliette Nielsen and Mieke van der Velden

The team of this year comes from Netherlands, where they work together at BeerNielsen as lightin designers in Rotterdam. 


Nikoletta Theodoridi

Born in Athens but nowadays she lives in Spain, Barcelona where she works as a freelance lighting designer. 


Diana Joels

Comes from Brazil, but where based in Sweden for some years and has done Lights in Alingsås back in 2005 as a participant, but now she´s back to be a workshop head.