Energy, the theme of this year’s Lights in Alingsås

..And that is exactly what the visitors to this year’s light trail are going to take home with them. 
“With such a beautiful light trail this year, we’re all going to be filled with positive energy,” says Event Manager Angelica Larsson.

Bearing in mind that from this year Alingsås Energi, the municipally owned electricity company, has taken over responsibility for Lights in Alingsås, the theme couldn’t have been more fitting. Energy.

” It’s a powerful word that feeds creativity and can be used in many different ways. Even if it’s almost four months to the start of the festival I feel that it’s hard to be patient and wait to see what our guest designers are going to do with the theme,” says Project Leader Maria Björsson.

Although Maria, like all other expectant Lights fans, has to wait to learn the answer to that question, the route of this year’s light trail has been decided. And it’s no exaggeration to say that the route has the potential to be something exceptional.

“We have had many fantastic trails before, but this time we are including some classic Alingsås locations which we think are already aesthetically pleasing, even without lights. To hand them over to our workshop leaders is really exciting,” says Workshop Manager Margaretha Stenmark.

The first installation will be located on Dyers’ Bridge (Färgeribron), where the Dutch couple Juliette Nielsen and Mieke van Der Velden will make light magic. The next stop is classic Hjelmqvist’s Yard (Hjelmqvistska gården) in the centre of Alingsås, where the Brazilian Diana Joels has free hands to interpret the theme. Dario Nunez, now Islandic, will come direct from the land of ice and fire to the Spa Building (Brunnshuset), the lighting trail’s third stop. Just a short distance away American Steven Rosen will be working with his students at the fourth stop – the town‘s old churchyard (Stadskyrkogården). One of this year’s favourites may well be the fifth stop, where this year’s only Swedish workshop leader, Johan Röklander, will be responsible for lighting Allén, an avenue of trees. Finally, Nikoletta Theodoridi from Greece will transform the old Telegraph Office (Telegrafhuset) to a place that exudes energy.

” We’re starting to get a really good feeling about Lights 2018. And I think there are many of us who are looking forward to seeing what this year’s designers and students are going to do with our town for one month this autumn,” says Maria Björsson.

The sites in order:

1: Färgeribron (Dyers’ Bridge) Juliette Nielsen and Mieke van der Velden, the Netherlands

2: Hjelmqvistska gården (Hjelmqvist’s Yard) Diana Joels, Brazil

3: Brunnshuset (Spa Building) Dario Nunez, Island/Mexico

4: Kyrkogården (Churchyard) Steven Rosen, USA

5: Allén (Avenue) Johan Röklander, Sweden

6: Telegrafhuset (Telegraph Office) Nikoletta Theodoridi, Greece/Spain

Welcome to Lights in Alingsås this autumn, between the 28th of September and the 4th of November, there will be energetic light installations to see in the center of Alingsås.